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Loft Insulation Scotland

Approved Mineral Wool & Spray Foam Insulation Installers in Scotland

Loft Insulation in Scotland

Loft insulation stands as the most popular insulation choice in Scotland, significantly reducing heat loss by up to 45%. It’s arguably the most effective form of home insulation available. If you’re working within a budget and considering insulation options, prioritising loft insulation before other areas like internal wall insulation, underfloor insulation, or roof insulation is recommended if you are working to a small budget. At Envirosmart Limited, we have a dedicated team of approved loft insulation installers across Scotland, covering the Central Belt, Fife and Perth. Our goal is to continue to provide our 5 star rated service, ensuring your satisfaction and the efficient installation of sustainable loft insulation.

Room in roof insulation operates on similar principles to loft insulation and involves insulating a loft space that has been converted into a bedroom or living area.

Why should I insulate my loft?

A significant portion of the heat generated by heating systems (about 60%) escapes into the walls and roofs of your house. Around 35% seeps out from within the walls, and approximately 25% dissipates through the loft or attic space. Installing loft insulation can enhance heat retention, leading to a reduction in your monthly heating bill while maintaining an optimal room temperature. Loft insulation also contributes to improved air quality and keeps your home and loft space cooler during the warmer summer months. Although many properties have roof insulation, nearly two thirds of homes in Scotland fall below the recommended 270mm or 11.5 inches of insulation. Properly insulating your loft can effectively address these issues. For this reason, many of the loft insulation jobs we complete are upgrading or replacing old in-efficient loft insulation.

Approved Loft Insulation Installers Scotland

Envirosmart Limited specialises in installing a wide range of insulation materials, including wool and spray foam insulation.

For premium sustainable wool insulation, we offer various high-quality options, such as Thermafleece sheep’s wool insulation. One of the most popular types of loft insulation we install is Knauf Earthwool & Rockwool products.

Although we rarely install spray foam insulation due to potential issues with home insurance and its impact on certain roofs, we are Icynene approved installers. This means spray foam can still be fitted for more suitable commercial insulation jobs and specific types of domestic projects.

We also offer other loft insulation products, including SuperQuilt multi foil and rigid PIR insulation boards. With our extensive experience in installing these products, we can recommend the best material for different types of loft and attic spaces found throughout various parts of Scotland.

Pictures from a recent sustainable loft insulation installation in Scotland


Envirosmart Ltd - sustainable loft insulation in Scotland

As experts in loft insulation and renewable energy solutions, we exclusively utilise top quality environmentally friendly materials in all our installations. Our approved installers possess extensive experience in various aspects of home energy efficiency programs, following guidelines recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

Loft, Roof, Wall & Underfloor Home Insulation

We specialise in:

  • - Therma fleece, sheeps wool insulation.
  • - Knauf Earthwool and Rockwool insulation.
  • - SuperQuilt multifoil insulation.

PIR Insulation Boards

A-grade insulation: thin, lightweight, durable, stable, resistant to humidity and pressure, and compliant with building regulations.

Envirosmart Limited Scotland
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What our clients say about us

Insultation in Scotland

Initially we contracted Craig and his team to provide insulation for two attic rooms which are either freezing or much too hot and they ended up fitting a new kitchen too.
We can't recommend this firm highly enough, especially for the way they helped us through the unexpected discovery of damp.

Communication and customer service were excellent; friendly helpful worker were punctual, hardworking and cleaned up thoroughly.
Highly recommended.
Sara O'Hara
Carolyn O'Hara
Our Team

Our Loft Insulation Installers serving Scotland

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Craig Maxwell


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Allan Hughes

Installation Manager

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Installation Engineer

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Installation Engineer

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    What is Loft Insulation?

    Loft insulation involves installing materials in your loft space to create a barrier within your roof. It can be placed between your roof’s rafters or the floor joists.

    Effective loft insulation aims to prevent or significantly reduce heat transfer between the cold air outside your home and the indoors, improving heat retention by up to 45%.

    Additionally, it enhances air quality, making your home cooler in summer, reducing stuffiness and clamminess. Proper loft insulation can enhance your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and maximise the value of investments in modern central heating, double glazing, and secure doors.

    Loft Insulation Benefits

    There are a wide range of benefits to having loft insulation fitted in your home, the leading benefits are listed below:

    Loft insulation can improve your homes heat retention by up to 45%.

    As a result of the improved heat retention benefits provided by loft insulation, your home should heat quicker requiring less time with your central heating turned on, therefore your monthly heating bills will decrease.

    Loft insulation is an effective way to improve your homes EPC (energy performance certificate) rating. It is recommended that homes in Scotland have an EPC rating of D or higher.

    Loft insulation has some soundproofing benefits, especially if you opt for a thicker millimetre of insulation. Options tend range up to 500mm, however, the average recommended depth is 270mm.

    Professional loft insulation installers will look for any drafts and gaps in your loft space, Envirosmart Limited will seek to eliminate any drafts as part of your installation.

    Effective loft insulation will reduce dampness both in the air and on areas that are insulated over in your roof or loft space.

    When installed correctly loft insulation will improve the air quality, making for cooler air in the summer months, making your home and loft space less stuffy and easier to breath.


    Best Loft Insulation Material

    Choosing the right insulation material for your loft can be overwhelming. At Envirosmart Limited, our team of certified insulation installers is well versed in a variety of home insulation products. We can offer expert advice to help you select the best loft insulation option for your home and specific needs.

    Listed below are some of the best loft insulation materials available in Scotland, all of which we can provide and install for you.

    Knauf Earthwool and Rockwool Insulation

    Knauf, a renowned global home insulation company with over four decades of expertise, produces a diverse array of insulation products.

    Among the top choices we offer are Knauf Earthwool and Knauf Rockwool, widely favored for their excellent performance and affordability, providing exceptional value for your investment.

    These products are crafted from mineral wool, a sustainable material that stands out as one of the best loft insulation options, especially for those mindful of their budget.

    Knauf wool Insulation Scotland

    ThermaFleece Sheeps Wool Insulation

    ThermaFleece sheep’s wool insulation is precisely what its name suggests!

    Their CosyWool and UltraWool were the pioneers and continue to lead as the primary insulation materials crafted from sheep’s wool in the United Kingdom.

    ThermaFleece’s headquarters are located in Penrith, nestled in the picturesque Lake District, while their manufacturing is expertly conducted in Yorkshire, often referred to as “the heart of British Wool.”

    Though ThermaFleece comes at a premium price, its effectiveness is unparalleled, consistently delivering outstanding performance in all the installations we’ve overseen.

    Arguably, ThermaFleece sheep’s wool can be strongly advocated as the best loft insulation material given its exceptional overall performance.

    thermafleece sheep's wool insulation

    SuperQuilt Foil Insulation

    SuperQuilt is one of the UK’s leading multifoil home insulation materials.

    This flexible, easy to install, multilayer insulation offers tremendous thermal benefits.

    The benefit of multifoil insulation is that it is suitable for a range of applications from roof and loft insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation and due to the slim depth, you can save valuable space on your installation.

    The unique composition of the product effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.

    SuperQuilt Insulation material

    PIR Insulation Boards

    The acronym PIR stands for Polyisocyanurate in PIR insulation board.

    Polyisocyanurate is a type of rigid foam insulation material known for its excellent thermal performance and fire resistance properties. PIR insulation boards are widely used in construction for insulating roofs, walls, and floors due to their high insulating efficiency.

    PIR insulation boards come in different styles but the most common has an aluminium foil backing to each side, making them easily recognisable.

    They are quick and easy to install, typically used as wall, floor and roof insulation and can also be bonded to plywood, plasterboard or have a glass tissue facing for use externally or in flat roofs.This makes them a versatile choice to suit a range of projects. 

    For loft insulation you can install PIR insulation boards at rafter level and then use loft insulation rolls at joist level, which further increases heat retention in your loft space. 

    PIR Insulation Boards

    Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

    Envirosmart Limited holds the Icynene spray foam accreditation, allowing us to offer the choice of spray foam insulation in specific situations where it proves most beneficial.

    One such scenario is in commercial insulation projects, particularly for cladded roofs in expansive industrial estates and warehouses. Spray foam is highly effective in such environments and can also be suitable for specific domestic properties and garden buildings.

    Icynene, a leading name in the industry, has been pioneering spray foam insulation since its inception in 1986, making them a trusted global market leader.


    Best Loft Insulation Thickness

    The best thickness of loft insulation can vary significantly depending on the circumstances, although there are practical limits to consider.

    While some individuals have opted for insulation depths as extreme as 500mm, this exceeds most practical requirements. The recommended loft insulation depth in the UK stands at 270mm.

    The ideal thickness for your home’s loft insulation depends on your location and specific factors. In the regions of Scotland where we operate, a depth of 270mm is deemed sufficient.

    Draught Proofing Before Loft Insulation

    Loft insulation is way more effective if you have your home draught proofed before you install it.

    Draught proofing is where you seal gaps and cracks to prevent any draughts. It is an important aspect of loft insulation that many companies ignore. Proper draught proofing means you seal any gaps and cracks in the loft to prevent air from escaping or entering, enhancing the overall insulation effectiveness and energy efficiency of your home.

    Other factors such as high quality windows and doors installed all play a part. 

    Draught Proof Your Loft Hatch

    You can draught proof your loft hatch by sealing gaps and cracks around the loft hatch, you can prevent draughts and maintain a consistent temperature within your home. This measure helps in conserving energy and reducing heating costs while ensuring a comfortable living environment.

    Old Loft Insulation Removal and Replacement

    More often than not customers in Scotland who contact us already have some form of loft insulation installed. All of our quotes include loft insulation removal as well as replacement. Often old insulation is not air tight, has wear and tear with gaps developing that undermines the whole purpose the product. It is well documented that most of the material used for insulation in the past can be quite harmful to your health. People with respiratory conditions such as asthma, or even just people who have issues with their breathing including bad coughs, wheezing and the likes are advised to remove any old insulation that likely has airborne fibres that will make these conditions worse.

    If this is the case and this is one of your motivations to having your loft insulation replaced, then we will discuss the best loft insulation material that won’t aggravate your symptoms.

    Spray Foam Loft Insulation Removal

    Envirosmart also offers clean and safe removal of spray foam insulation products. Sometimes spray foam insulation can effect your mortgage or home insurance, resulting in issues, especially if you are looking to sell your house. We can completely remove any spray foam insulation fitted in your home and if desired replace it with one of our sustainable insulation solutions.

    Loft Insulation Grants Scotland

    Government funded grants for loft insulation installation are accessible through the ECO scheme, benefiting both homeowners and tenants in Scotland.

    Envirosmart Limited holds TrustMark accreditation, allowing us to install loft insulation using any awarded grant funding you receive. To apply for a loft insulation grant, please visit Home Energy Scotland, where you will receive guidance throughout the application process. We are here to support you, ensuring you have a certified installer to specify when applying for your grant.

    Loft Insulation Cost Scotland

    Providing a precise cost for loft insulation requires information about your loft space’s size and whether existing insulation needs removal.

    Additionally, we’ll discuss your material preference during your free home survey, where we’ll recommend the best options tailored to your needs.

    Top Tips For Loft Insulation

    Envirosmart's Loft Insulation Top Tips

    1. Select the appropriate insulation type: There are different insulation options such as mineral wool, blown-in insulation, and rigid insulation boards. Pick the one that matches your loft and fits within your budget.

    2. Properly install the insulation: Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines meticulously during the installation process. Make certain there are no gaps or openings that could allow air to seep in or out.
    3. Choose the appropriate insulation thickness: The required insulation thickness varies based on your home and location. Typically, a depth of 270mm is advised for loft insulation in the UK.
    4. Address gaps and cracks: Prior to insulation installation, seal any openings or fissures in the loft to stop air leakage and entry. This step also safeguards against moisture infiltration into the loft area.
    5. Ensure proper ventilation: Establish adequate ventilation in the loft to deter condensation accumulation.
    6. Prevent compression of insulation: Avoid squeezing or placing heavy objects on the insulation to maintain its effectiveness.
    7. Inspect existing insulation: Before adding new insulation, assess the condition of any existing insulation in the loft. Ensure it is in good shape and doesn’t require replacement.
    8. Consult experts: If you have uncertainties about the insulation process or need assistance with hard-to-reach areas, consider hiring a professional insulation installer for expert guidance.
    Insulation Scotland
    Proudly partnered with and trusted by...​

    What our clients say about us

    Insultation in Scotland

    Initially we contracted Craig and his team to provide insulation for two attic rooms which are either freezing or much too hot and they ended up fitting a new kitchen too.
    We can't recommend this firm highly enough, especially for the way they helped us through the unexpected discovery of damp.

    Communication and customer service were excellent; friendly helpful worker were punctual, hardworking and cleaned up thoroughly.
    Highly recommended.
    Sara O'Hara
    Carolyn O'Hara

    Say hello, and get a free home visit

    We would be privileged to give you a free quote on the job you need doing. Get in touch today and arrange a free home visit.

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