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Cavity Wall Insulation Scotland

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers in Scotland

Cavity Wall Insulation in Scotland

Cavity wall insulation is a method used to insulate walls in buildings, particularly homes, to improve energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. It involves filling the gap or cavity between the inner and outer walls of a building with an insulating material. This insulation helps to keep the warmth inside during cold weather and prevents excessive heat from entering during hot weather.

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How does cavity wall insulation work?

Here’s how cavity wall insulation works:

  1. Identification of Cavity Walls: Not all walls have a cavity. Homes built after the 1920s and before the 1990s are more likely to have a gap between the inner and outer walls.

  2. Drilling Holes: Small holes are drilled into the external wall at regular intervals, usually from the outside of the building.

  3. Injecting Insulating Material: An insulating material, often foam, mineral wool, or polystyrene beads, is injected into the cavity through the holes. The insulation material is chosen for its thermal properties, meaning its ability to trap and retain heat.

  4. Sealing Holes: After the insulation material has been injected, the holes are sealed, leaving little evidence of the process.

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers Scotland

Envirosmart Limited no longer installs cavity wall insulation in Scotland. Scottish properties are not well suited for cavity wall insulation, due to there many so many historic and victorian buildings with no cavity in place.

This is because of issues that occur after installing cavity wall insulation, we advise on other types of insulation that are more effective and risk averse.

Other types of home insulation we install include loft insulation, underfloor insulation, internal wall insulation, external wall insulation, roof insulation and room in roof insulation.

Reasons Not To Install Cavity Wall Insulation

While cavity wall insulation can offer several benefits, there are also situations where it might not be suitable or advisable to install it. Here are some reasons not to install cavity wall insulation:

  1. No Cavity Walls: If your house does not have a cavity between the inner and outer walls, then cavity wall insulation is not applicable. Many older or traditional buildings in Scotland will most likely not have cavities.

  2. Existing Insulation: If your cavity walls are already insulated and the insulation is in good condition, there’s generally no need for additional insulation. Insulating over existing insulation can create moisture problems.

  3. Cavity Width: If the cavity is too narrow or irregularly shaped, it might be challenging to effectively fill it with insulation material. Insufficient insulation could lead to thermal bridging and decreased effectiveness.

  4. Damp Issues: If your property is prone to dampness or has issues with water penetration, installing cavity wall insulation can exacerbate the problem. It might trap moisture within the walls, leading to damp and mold issues.

  5. Structural Problems: If your property has structural issues, such as deteriorating mortar or unstable walls, installing cavity wall insulation might not be advisable. It’s crucial to address structural problems before considering insulation.

  6. Cost vs. Savings: In some cases, the cost of installing cavity wall insulation might not justify the potential energy savings, especially if you live in a mild climate or your energy consumption is already low.

  7. Heritage or Listed Buildings: Regulations and restrictions might apply to historic or listed buildings, preventing modifications to the original structure, including cavity wall insulation. Always check with local authorities if you live in such a property.

Before deciding to install cavity wall insulation, consult with our insulation installers to discuss your needs and wether there is a better long way to insulation your home.

Problems With Cavity Wall Insulation in Scotland

Here are the fundamental reasons why cavity wall insulation is not always suitable for homes in Scotland:

  1. Property Suitability: Not all homes in Scotland have suitable cavity walls. Older properties, in particular, might lack cavities or have cavities that are unsuitable for insulation. A professional assessment is necessary to determine whether your property is suitable for cavity wall insulation.

  2. Dampness Consideration: Scotland’s climate can be damp, and some areas are prone to high rainfall. It’s essential to address any existing damp issues before installing cavity wall insulation, as trapping moisture inside the walls can lead to further problems.

  3. Building Regulations: You need to check local building regulations before installing cavity wall insulation in Scotland. Planning permission is often not granted in certain parts of the country.

See this BBC article about cavity wall insulation ruining a mans home in East Kilbride, nearly a decade of damp conditions.

Video from Skill Builder showing some of the problems with cavity wall insulation


Envirosmart Ltd - sustainable cavity wall insulation in Scotland

We are cavity wall insulation and renewable energy experts that only use the best environmentally friendly materials with all of the installations conduct. Our approved installers have vast experience with all aspects of home energy efficiency programmes as advised by the Energy Savings Trust.

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    Cavity Wall Insulation Installers in Scotland

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